Monday, January 17, 2011

Not Spending Money on Clothes Until May 1st

First off I just want to say happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day!!

So I joined a challenge on LHCF: No spending money on clothes until May 1st. When I first joined I doubted the possibility of me actually going through with this. But after taking the time to really consider what the challenge could mean for me, I changed my mind. I have more than enough clothes for winter. I planned to start my spring/summer shopping in March, but now it's like WHY? April's weather is usually mild and tends to have quite a bit of rain mixed into the forecast. I believe using a lighter jacket will suffice for that. I also am on a quest to lose 5-8 lbs and to tone up with the pilates class that I am taking this semester. So WHO KNOWS what I will look like once I am done with the course. Buying clothes sooner than May, may not fit me once it's warm enough to wear them.

So all in all, I am glad I stumbled upon this challenge and joined it. I will save money and have more to spend once it's time to actually to buy spring/summer clothes. And hey, I will actually use the clothes I already have. :)

If you want to do a similar challenge, I say go for it!

*Off Topic*
I just wanted to say that I went to a consigment store on Saturday after taking an exam. This particular consignment store had clothes and is considered high-end without high prices. i am so happy my mom talked me into going to it. They had a lot of nice items and I got 3 blazers for 30 dollars total. I may do some OOTD when I finally get around to wearing them! I definitely plan to go back in May.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heres a DAB of fashion

So I was looking through and I saw a lot of cute looks I liked that I might remake into my own. :)

**Note: I am no fashion know-it-all, in fact, I know very little. I just know what I like and I follow trends to a very minimum. But I will say I am learning more and more as I get more involved with what I want my own look to be.**

I typically go for simple, easy going looks, but I also want to get into more fun colors and risque pieces, but thats more for Spring and Summer.

^^I love the simplicity in this look. I've been wanting a bag like that for a long time as well.

*Hair Status*

This is going to be the 1st of many Hair Status posts. I plan to do one every week or every other week. So here's a little background on my hair. I was natural until the age of 11. I got my last relaxer when I was 16, which was in 2003. I have been completely natural since 2005. After becoming natural I replaced my relaxers with flat ironing and as a result I suffered a lot of heat damage. At the beginning of 2009 I decided I would begin to take care of my hair on my own (no more going to the salon). I began to utilize twistouts and braidouts in between flat iron sessions, which I only did 5 times last year. So that's a brief summery of my hair. I still have a lot of heat damage left mainly in the front and middle of my hair.

*Hair Status*
So, New Years day I got the itch to cut. I cut about 2-3 inches of my heat damaged ends off. I currently have my hair in a bunch of braids, which I did after I did the Aphogee 2- step protein treatment. I do this often, but this time I made the braids smaller. I have to say I LOVE the smaller braids, they look muchhh better on me and I can style them more easily. I plan to keep my hair in the braids for a couple weeks and then rock a braid out. After the braidout I plan to flat iron my hair. I'll post pictures of the flat iron for sure and do a length check then. I know I am currently in between SL and APL.
My daily regimen is just spraying It's A 10 on my hair and putting coconut oil on my ends.

These Boots!

I got these BCBGGeneration Adrice Boots in black for Christmas. I wore them to work once so far and I got so many compliments, possibly, the most compliments I ever got for something I was wearing. So I may have liked these boots before, but I really like them now lol. What I like most about them is the fact that they come to about an inch above my knee and the corset tie in the back. They are very comfortable and can go well with a variety of looks. I wore them with black pants because I was at work, but I also plan to wear them with skirts and denim.

The Boots (mine are in black):